Senior Photography Trends

As high school seniors prepare to graduate, a professional portrait – or a "senior photo" – gives them a chance to display their personality in a unique setting. Many seniors choose pictures that display a skill, hobby, athletic interest or another activity. Professional photographers today understand this desire and work on making these photos memorable and personalized.
Photo Consultation
Once a senior decides to work with a professional photographer, the process usually begins with a consultation. This will be the time when the photographer sits down with the student and discusses clothing choices, locations and other aspects of the shoot. Parents often play an important part in their choices as well.
Of course, the location of the shoot is a very important factor. Seniors often want to take photographs outside while they are engaged in their favorite activities such as horseback riding, rock climbing or even working on their car.
Most seniors are excited to be closing one chapter in their life and beginning a new path. They want to capture this moment and make it individualized to fit their personality. To get inspiration, the subjects of a senior photo often look online to see what other people have chosen for their portraits.
Of course, while each portrait is unique, there are specific trends when it comes to senior photos. Photographers take note of these trends and stay current with popular fashion and music tastes over time. They will branch into unique backgrounds that are colorful or explore different and exciting locations.
These are a few of the changes that have happened to senior portraits over time. Instead of the traditional senior portraits commonly used, studios are branching out and making senior photos new and exciting. Seniors today can enjoy a huge variety of options and personalize their senior photography experience.

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