7 Tips for New Photographers

We all admire an attractive photograph, but we do not often think about the effort put in by the photographer. Photography is not easy to learn. Like any artistic skill, getting started is the biggest hurdle. The aim of this article is to provide inspiration for aspiring photographers. Below are eight tips to get started.

Act fast and always be ready. A bird sitting on the porch will not sit there for long. In such situations, you have to act fast and in a spontaneous manner. If you take your time to prepare for the photograph, you may lose the moment. Prepare for spontaneous moments like these.

Compose the picture. As far as professionals are concerned, clicking alone is not sufficient. The image has to be composed. How can you compose the photograph?

  • Level the horizon
  • Maintain the position of the subject
  • Crop out unnecessary elements
  • Set up the right perspective to ensure that the focus is on the subject

Avoid distractions. You must get rid of all the distractions that contribute to lowering the quality of your photograph and focus only on the subject. Look out for borders in your camera’s viewfinder.

Ensure that the aperture and depth are right. It is important that you set the field depth and the aperture properly. Understanding the proper methods of setting the depth and aperture may take practice.

Experiment with the shutter speed. Shutter speed is often neglected by photographers. Do not make this mistake. Practice photography by experimenting with both slow and fast shutter speeds when you capture your images.

Get the light angle right. You must carefully consider whether you want to have the effect of sunlight on the subject or the silhouette effect prior to taking a picture.

Watch the weather. The outcome of your photography session depends to a great extent on the weather conditions. On a cloudy day, your photographs will have muted tones. However, a bright and sunny day adds life to the images.