4 Styles of Wedding Photography Explained

Planning a wedding requires many decisions. Even after you choose a photographer, you will need to select your ideal style of photos for your wedding album. There are many different styles of wedding photographs available. Below is a guide to help you understand the common wedding photography styles so that you can make the choice that best suits your taste.

Reportage. This approach remains widely popular due to its simplicity. In the same way that a reporter would take photos of an event in progress, the wedding photographer does not stage any pictures. He or she simply documents the wedding as it happens. Because there are no props or other staging elements, the reportage style is straightforward. However, it can be one of the most difficult styles to execute. If you would like to choose this style, make sure you hire an experienced photographer who understands how to make casual photos look captivating and professional.

Avant Garde. When done properly, this style results in amazing photos. Because it involves unusual camera angles and perspectives, it can be more difficult to produce than the reportage style. "Avant Garde" can mean many things to different people, so adopting this style opens many creative possibilities. Because of its highly conceptual nature, it may not properly capture the feelings of your wedding. Make sure that your photographer understands exactly what you want in your photos. If you value artistry, this could be the style for you; but many people opt for something a little simpler.

Retro. Using this style, photos are taken in black and white or treated with a variety of filters to achieve a nostalgic look. There is a certain charm and warmth to the retro style, which can appeal to many people. Black and white photography is timeless and uncovers the full aesthetic potential of a subject. To be successful, pictures need to be taken by a highly skilled photographer,. Choose one carefully if you want to employ the retro look.

Traditional. Once the most common style of wedding photography, traditional wedding pictures are now often replaced in favor of the reportage style. Although they can appear more staged, there is a certain timeless quality to traditional wedding photography. Some couples are reluctant to use traditional wedding photographers because of their use of extensive posing and props. However, traditional wedding photography can still create classic, beautiful scenes that will outlast any contemporary trend.